Where To Find A Gluten Free Loaf

Where To Find A Gluten Free Loaf

‘Gluten free’ has increasingly become a popular option for bread these days.


People opt for gluten free for a number of reasons including allergies, intolerances or diet and, luckily for them, it is a lot easier to find a good gluten free loaf than it was even 2 years ago. Gone are the days of the crumbling brick, we have some really delicious options available now.


The Fold have scoped The Highlands to find where we you can buy them right at your doorstep.  

Here is what we found.


gluten free bread


Bakers Delight Bowral

Gluten "shy" bread available. This means baked with GF flour, however using the same ovens as regular flour loaves. These can be made to order (delivery Wednesdays and Saturdays. Loaves are $7 each and rolls are $1.30 each. 


Raw and Wild

GF bread packaged - $10.80 per loaf.


Flour Water Salt

GF loaf baked fresh in their Berry bakery, delivered to Bowral every Friday - $9.50 per loaf. Pennini rolls also available.


gluten free pizza


The Organic Shop Bowral

Naturis organic buckweat and rice loaf $7.95. Non-organic Deeks loaf $11.95 and Pure Life sprouted six seed loaf is $11.95.


Harris Farm

A variety of GF packaged loaves available.


2 Park Road

Deeks GF bread (packaged and frozen) $10.50 per loaf.


DeliLicious Bundanoon

GF loaf available by order only - $9.00 per loaf, baked in a GF bakery in Berry. They also have multigrain GF loaves available - they are about a kilo and sell for $14. A nice, big option for the whole family or serve it up at a dinner party. 


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