Through The Lens // Film Photography In The Highlands

Through The Lens // Film Photography In The Highlands

Through The Lens //  The Highlands Shot On Film

One Day — One Roll


Tim Helander is a photographer who, by modern standards, is a little stuck in the past. He shoots all of his work on film, both regular 35mm and medium format. He has roamed across The Highlands, photographing landscapes on just one roll of film to create this photo essay. A new way of seeing this land.


Tim’s journey through the Highlands took place on the perfect sunny day. Spring was trying to break through the last of the winter cold, the day lasted longer, showering a little more golden light on the trees before it dipped below the horizon. He chose a setup that only grants ten photos per roll, no more, no less. Film is a fickle medium, he explained; it can be immensely rewarding when it all goes right, but it can also turn around and bite you if you get it wrong. One day may seem like a long time to take just ten photos, but when you can only take ten, each and every one has to be worth it. 


cows in field



highlands landscape 1



hill image



highlands scene 2



exeter station



train tracks




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