The Fold's Backyard Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Anyone else’s kids climbing the walls (and the pantry shelves!)? Here’s a fun thing to do that gets them outdoors and into the fresh air – and you too! And gets them active and entertained.

A backyard scavenger hunt! 

Backyard Scavenger Hunt List Southern Highlands

Print this list off, make a cup of tea, then give the kids a bucket or container each and a set time – 15 minutes should do it! – to channel their inner nature detective and find as many items on the list. You get to finish your tea and they get to explore – win win sitch, people! 

Another fun thing to do afterwards is to make an artwork out of all the items they’ve found. You might need another cuppa for that bit! 

Download the list here: DOWNLOAD THE SCAVENGER HUNT


Backyard Scavenger Hunt Activities For Kids


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