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Our favourite podcasts to listen to in iso and on our daily exercise outing! 


We’ve always been big fans of podcasts. A world of expertise, knowledge, story-telling, humour, hope and perspectives available to us at the touch of a button. 

If you haven’t jumped on board yet, now’s your chance! If you have an iPhone or iPad, use the Apple Podcasts App to listen in. If it’s not on your phone by default, head to the App store and download it from there. If you have an Android phone, search for podcasts in their Google Play App, install it and away you go. 

You can also listen to them via Spotify – click the search icon and type in podcasts – it’s now classed as a genre on Spotify. Handy! Or you can listen on your PC. 

Okay we did a quick poll around the office (well, via Zoom!) and here are some of our favourites! 


Podcasts to listen to listen in isolation The Fold Southern Highlands



Dr Norman Swan’s podcast on the coronavirus is factual, clear and concise. We’ve been pretty darn confused these past few weeks, but Dr Swan has a knack for explaining the hard stuff in an easy to understand way. It's called Coronacast and is a must-listen. 



Maggie Dent’s Parental As Anything is full of practical and useful advice. We love Maggie! 


The Howie Games is hosted by Australian sports journo Mark Howard. He chats with some pretty big names in both Australian and world sport in some pretty in-depth interviews. 

The Outer Sanctum gives a fun and factual female perspective on AFL with guests from both the AFL and the AFLW. 


The Hamish & Andy podcast has taken off from where their successful radio show finished a few years ago. Good, old-fashioned fun with the fellas!

How Did This Get Made deconstructs some pretty bad and poorly made films, with humour and special guests. 

If you like satire and need a bit of break from the real news, The Chaser Report just launched last week. 

And Free To A Good Home is a fun podcast where two comedians chat about the weird and wonderful items they find in the classifieds!


Oprah chats with some seriously A-list celebs and also super-interesting spiritual and wellbeing experts on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

We love the range of topics TED Talks Daily brings to our iso life! And we love that they are short, sharp and to the point. Most episodes hover around the 15 minute mark – perfect for a quick dive into something new. 

Beautiful / Anonymous started out as a bit of a laugh for creator Chris Gethard but then turned into something quite amazing. Chris speaks to a random person for an hour, with them remaining anonymous the whole time. And what he finds out about life and humans and our society is quite mind-blowing. Hold onto your hats for this one. 


Ladies We Need To Talk is hosted by Yumi Stynes and is safe place for honest conversations and topics impacting the women of today. 


Masters of Scale is doing a series at the moment about the hustle businesses are doing to survive COVID-19. VERY timely! 

One for the creatives amongst us, Giant Thinkers Podcast is hosted by Ram Castillo. He chats to loads of super-interesting and successful business owners in the creative and design world, with practical tips on how to run a creative business, think big and live boldly. (Thanks Jess - you're still part of the The Fold fam bam!)


Thought provoking and at times slightly terrifying, Criminal is a US based podcast that looks at crimes – both cold and solved, historical and recent – telling the stories of the unthinkable and the downright weird with facts, research and perspective. Maybe don’t listen to this one by yourself at night. 

If you’re interested in crime stories a little closer to home – Yikes! – The Teacher’s Pet and Bowraville are two podcasts sure to get your mind ticking (and adrenalin running). 


For something a bit left field, Missing Richard Simmons is an interesting look into the world of celebrity and what happens when it all gets too much. Dolly Parton’s America is also worth a listen. 


Here are two podcasts to share with your older kids who might be learning from home right now (and they’re fun to listen to for you too!)

Dr Karl’s Shirtloads of Science is fast-paced, factual and fun! Always something a little bit random and weird with Dr Karl! 

Another one is the The Infinite Monkey Cage, hosted by Greg Jenner from Horrible Histories. With special guests including the awesome Brian Cox, he brings a range of historical topics to life – history with a side of fun! 


Following on from the successful Netflix doco and book, The Minimalists Joshua and Ryan are focusing on the impacts of the COVID-19 at the moment. There are some really interesting episodes discussing everything from finances to de-cluttering to smartphone addiction. 

If all this time at home has got you thinking about renovating (or moving!) listen to The Undercover Architect for practical tips on everything from lighting to window furnishings to project management and creating an environmentally sustainable home! 


LOVE IT! Let us know how you go and if you've got some we can put on our podcast playlists, get in touch! 


The Fold Southern Highlands share their favourite podcasts


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