THE BIG QUESTION // Electric or Manual Toothbrush?

Are you Team Electric or Team Manual?


It’s a common question that can potentially divide a nation (or a dinner party convo!). Right up there with Ford vs Holden or the guaranteed conversation starter.... “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” (It does BTW – no judgement!!).

Electric or manual toothbrush? Which one is best for maintaining the health of your teeth, gums and mouth?

We asked Dr Craig Fisher from Station Street Dental in Bowral, because if anyone would see the impact of brushing with either, HE would!


dr craig fisher


And this is what he had to say.....


1 // Benefits of a manual toothbrush

“A manual toothbrush definitely has some benefits. People with sensitive teeth or gums prefer using them because they feel like they have more control over the brushing process,” says Craig.

“They can control the pressure more, lightening it up around the sensitive areas.”

We also love that a manual toothbrush is cheap and easy to travel with.

“For sure. It’s much easier to travel with a manual toothbrush and remember bamboo ones are better for the environment,” Craig points out.

“And there are lots of options with manual toothbrushes to suit your needs – they come in different sizes and you can get ones with the handy tongue-cleaning tool on the back of the head. Remember, it’s not just about healthy teeth. Keeping all elements of your mouth clean helps with overall oral health.”

And you can brush your teeth in the shower without the risk of a morning shock (although that might help wake us up!).


Station Street Dental Bowral Electric or manual toothbrush


2 // Benefits of an electric toothbrush

“An electric toothbrush is great for people who have limited dexterity or movement in their wrists and hands due to conditions such as arthritis,” Craig says.

Oh, we hadn’t thought of that!

“Electric toothbrushes do a lot of the hard work for you which is helpful, and the power rotation helps loosen plaque. That’s why I’m a fan.”

They’re also great for kids who don’t like brushing teeth or are a bit lazy when it comes to doing the actual brushing.

“The inbuilt timer is good for kids or teens who tend to rush the brushing of their teeth. There are even some that have inbuilt lights that indicate when you should move onto the next part of your mouth – perfect for teens who perhaps take a little while to get going in the morning!” says Craig.

“And electric toothbrushes are good for people with braces because of the detailed cleaning they can give. It’s really important to keep your mouth and teeth clean when you have braces and electric toothbrushes will put you on the front foot with that. Just remember to be a bit careful with the amount of pressure you apply when brushing braces.”


Station Street Dental Bowral Benefits of an electric toothbrush



“Personally, I prefer an electric toothbrush but both types of toothbrushes can be used effectively,” Craig says.

“It’s all about consistency. Brushing your teeth once a week with an electric toothbrush is not going to be more effective than brushing your teeth every day with a manual,” he points out.

It comes down to personal preference and what works for you, your family, your budget and your situation.

“For sure. If you’re brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day and changing your brush head or toothbrush every three months, regardless of the type of toothbrush you use, you’re giving your mouth the best chance of staying healthy,” Craig says.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about where Craig sits on the whole pineapple on pizza thing? He's on board - sweet and meat all the way! 


Station Street Dental Bowral Benefits of a manual toothbrush

Station Street Dental Bowral

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