Ten Reasons You Need To Get To The Hillview Sculpture Biennial

Ten Reasons You Need To Get To The Hillview Sculpture Biennial

Here’s one you won’t need to bookmark for later. {Note to self – must remember to read bookmarked articles…} We promise this is a three-minute thing. Four, tops. Unless you’re someone who has to read everything out loud, in which case we make no such promises.


The Fold’s ‘Ten reasons to visit Hillview Sculpture Biennial 2018’. Annnnd…. GO!


It’s only on for a limited time.

We are talking a one-month window, April 28th – May 27th. And we all know how time works, blink and you’ll miss it.


You’ll be blown away.

Having had a little sneaky-peeky, let us assure you, it is seriously cool up there! The magnitude of the exhibition; the scale and quality of the sculptures: the picturesque location. The ‘wow’ factor is ENORMOUS. As for the insane amount of creative energy, indescribable. You need to go and experience it for yourselves.


Visitors will love it.

In case you haven’t noticed, we like to show-off our little patch of turf. We think the Southern Highlands is pretty darn special and Hillview is the perfect opportunity to make your guests a teensy bit envious. In the nicest possible way, of course!

Hillview Sculpture Biennial


It’s affordable.

Explore the impressive, sculpture-speckled grounds of the Hillview estate for $15 an adult, $10 for pensioners and FREE for kids! A small price to pay to view world-class sculpture from 50 local, national and international artists at such an awe-inspiring location. Think of the culture points!


There will be beer, food and wine.

We didn’t say this list was in order! Southern Highlands Brewing Co and Tertini wines will be ready to welcome you with a tipple. You’ll find a pop-up cafe and plenty of space to lay-out a picnic.


Check out the grand, old house.

You don’t have to know a lot about art and architecture to be impressed by the house and grounds of Hillview. There’s no better time to see inside. The house is only open to the public on certain occasions and this is one of them. Don’t miss out.

Hillview Sculpture Biennial


It’s family-friendly.

Aside from free entry, there’s loads of room for the kids to run. They might even learn something. But don’t tell them that.


Get snap-happy.

If you’re partial to a good photo opp, you’re going to LOVE being up on the hill. Give the kids an old camera or phone and see what they come up with. The sculptures, the house, the amazing views. So much beauty to capture.


Be a tourist in your own backyard.

None of us do it enough. This event is going to attract thousands. Get amongst the action or beat the crowds and go mid-week. Gotta love a local perk!


It’s a significant, historic landmark.

Hillview Estate was the country retreat for 16 consecutive Governors of NSW from 1882-1958. Read more about that here:: www.thefoldsouthernhighlands.com.au/the-guide/its-all-happening-up-on-the-hill.html

Hillview Sculptures


There you have it, ladies and gents. Nothing left to say other than - see you up on the hill!


Jaime The Fold Southern Highlands




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