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School Holidays // 5 days of DIY fun (minus the slime!)

The guilt of the default answer “maybe tomorrow” to any YouTube DIY request has finally caught up on us.

These school holidays we’ve decided to get crafty! With the constant request for SLIME and the very speedy response of “Absolutely NO SLIME”, we thought we’d equip you with some parent-friendly DIY’s. Minimal mess and they won’t get stuck on your carpet. 

Depending on the age of your children you may need to provide more assistance with some of these, but generally they are nice and simple and hopefully they will keep them entertained for an hour or so and give them the DIY fix they are after.

5 days of DIY-craftiness below. 


A Crescent Moon Dream Catcher

The legend of the dream catcher is a really lovely one to comfort your kids to sleep. The legend says that night time is full of both good and bad dreams, and when a dream catcher is hung over the place where you sleep it flows freely in the night air and catches all of the good dreams and shields you from the bad. 

The kids will love this simple instruction video showing them how to create their own dream catcher. Once it’s made, they can get their creative juices flowing and get decorating. 




The 70’s were definitely brought back to life a few years ago when macrame came back into our homes. Why not get the kids onto it…. decorating the house and a craft fix…two birds!

This one is probably more suited for the older kids, as the knotting can get a bit fiddly.



Ankle Bracelets

We definitely love the Boho vibe going on here. This is perfect for Summer, plus we all have a bit of hippy in us, right? This one is good for all ages and can be as simple or as detailed as the kids please. 



Floral Wall Hanging

This is a good one for all ages, and requires minimal crafty stuff!

In fact, a lot of it you will already have around your home (we know they all say that, but in this case we think it may just be true).



This one is seriously cool!

A couple of warnings for this one… lots of messy crafty stuff (little ones will definitely need some help), it requires Borax and it will test your child's patience, as it needs to sit overnight! 

But if your child does have some patience, then they will LOVE making these crystals



For craft supplies around town try:

Green Bridge Studios

Creative Kid in Bowral

Lindcraft in Mittagong

The Reject Shop in Mittagong

Big W in Mittagong

Home Quarters in Moss Vale (this store is closing around Christmas, so there are loads of bargains to be had!)

Zap in Mittagong

Victoria House Needlecraft


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