HIGHLANDS CREATIVES // Berrima Village Pottery

HIGHLANDS CREATIVES // Berrima Village Pottery

Meet The Maker // Berrima Village Pottery


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Paul Bruce, of Berrima Village Pottery is a local ceramicist who specialises in homewares and a myriad of other creations, often decorated with his wife, Louise’s mystical illustrations. They have been an ongoing presence in The Southern Highlands with a shop in Berrima village since 2000. As you browse the shelves in their shop, the craftsmanship and care taken in creating every single each piece is evident. Their blue and white tableware is classic, and every piece has unique marks and patterns according to where it sits in the kiln when it is being fired.


Paul's life-long love of pottery began in his early 20’s when he worked for a commercial company and is when he honed his skills and developed his unique style.  Living in The Southern Highlands allows him to be inspired and to have the freedom to create. He often uses his spare time to ride the country roads of The Highlands.


Stepping into his studio, connected to the homewares shop in the middle of the village on a misty morning, a fire is roaring and their studio dog, Stella, pads towards us. It’s here, in this light space that all of their unique designs are created on the pottery wheel, dried, turned, hand glazed and painted. The turning of the wheel hums in the back ground.


The process, as Paul explains, all begins on the wheel, where the clay is thrown. This is relatively quick, and while we spoke, he made some new latte cups, their signature piece. Next, they are air dried, and then put back on the wheel to continue shaping, and then finished. Into the kiln, for their initial hot firing and once they are out, the word 'Berrima' is daintily brushed onto the bottom of all of their products by Louise, and glaze and brush work applied, before going into the kiln again at a lower temperature.


Scroll down for a sneak peek into their studio, and check out Paul and Louise’s wonderful work on their Instagram or their website


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