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Southern Highlands Veterinary Centre share how to care for your pet's pearly whites.


Did you know that up to 85% of dogs will have tooth decay, tartar, gingivitis and loose teeth by the age of 3? And around 70% of cats end up with periodontal and other diseases of the teeth by the time they reach 3 years old too? 


AND it can have a severe long term impact on their overall health?! Not good, right?


We chatted to local vets, Charlie Carter and Chris Watson from Southern Highlands Veterinary Centre who shared some tips with us on what to look out for and how to stay one step ahead of your pet's dental health issues. 


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What should you look for when looking after your pet's teeth? 

There are some simple signs to look for that will indicate that all is not well in there! 

"Bad breath is usually a good signal that something is up," Chris says. 

"Also look for any sort of discolouration and tartar build-up." 


How can you be proactive about your pet's pearly whites? 

Early detection is key and regular dental health checks are recommended. 

"Dental health checks are free, usually scheduled every six months or as part of regular check ups. They can be scheduled in separately if you have any immediate concerns or questions, or if you notice any changes," says Charlie. 

"It's good to get onto it early."

The longer dental issues are left, the higher the risk to your pet's overall health (and your wallet!). 

To help you manage things at home, the clinic has a range of dental products available including toothpaste and brushes (yep, it’s a thing!) and dental chews or biscuits that you can incorporate into your pet's diet to help them combat tooth and gum nasties. 


What happens at a consultation? 

Your vet will check teeth and gums, looking for signs of tartar, wear and discolouration.

"If your pet does need to have a thorough clean, we'll schedule that in separately as it requires a general anaesthetic for us to perform the clean properly," Chris says. 

"This means less stress for your pet and also for you." 


So there you go, it's not as daunting as it might seem. Keeping on top of regularly checking your pets mouth means less risk of gum disease, teeth extractions and you wont have to deal with bad breath either! Everyone wins!


Southern Highlands Veterinary Centre are open for business, with some restrictions in place and some non-essential procedures and services paused, but are there for your family pet and farm animals when you need them. Here's what you need to know about how they’re running things now.


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