Highlanders Share Their Life In Lockdown With Us


What Southern Highlanders are doing in lockdown

“This is my favourite place on our property. Our Manchuria Pear Trees in mid-spring.” Karen Milne. 


1 // How long have you lived in the Southern Highlands?

We bought and moved to our 27 acre property in Exeter in August 2019. So we are only newbies and we are loving living in the Highlands!

2 // What have you been doing to keep yourself busy (or not!) at home?
During iso, I have been honing my culinary skills, preserving and making jams with the produce we have grown. I have also been helping my hubby on our farmlet making new fences, mowing lawns, looking after cattle, harvesting produce, the learning curve has been steep. We have learnt so much in such a short time and there is still so much to learn. We have also been able to get back into our cycling that has allowed us to explore and enjoy the scenery of the Highlands.

3 // What Highlands shop, café, activity or facility do you miss the most?
I miss being able to do the walking tracks at Morton National Park and eat out at our favourite restaurant, BottegaB and have brunch/lunch/coffee (everything!) at The Exeter General Store. We also miss the weekend markets!

4 // What’s your silver lining in all this?
We are safe and healthy whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery and community of the Southern Highlands. 

5 // What changes would you like to see after this?
Changes are forever happening, however I would love to see the compassion and strong community spirit continue with the same vigour and enthusiasm it has shown throughout iso, the drought and the bushfires. We are all in this together now and moving forward. 


Our Insta crush.

You can find Karen on Insta @citygirlcountrychallenge . Follow along with us!


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