HUMANS OF THE HIGHLANDS @ HOME // James Fulford-Talbot

Highlanders Share Their Life In Lockdown With Us


Freddie and Mr Percival, the miniature donkeys of Fulford Folly, Bundanoon

“The lack of a commute has given me time back in my life which means more time to do chores around the property with Freddie and Mr Percival, our miniature donkeys, who are always happy to help out!” James Fulford-Talbot  


1 // How long have you lived in the Highlands?
We bought Fulford Folly in Bundanoon in December 2015. 


2 // What have you been doing to keep yourself busy (or not!) at home?
I can work from home, so have been pretty busy, but the lack of a commute has given me time back in my life. I run often. We walk our miniature donkeys – Freddie and Mr Percival – and we have been doing lots of jobs on the property. On top of that, I’ve been preparing a webinar where I describe taking lessons learnt in riots in Northern Ireland into businesses. I did the first one on The Fold Live last week. 


3 // What Highlands shop, café, activity or facility do you miss the most?
I really miss the Bundy Pub. It has had a huge investment recently and is a great place to go, have a beer and relax with the donkeys in the garden. Birch for dinner will be a treat too. 


4 // What’s your silver lining in all this?
Spending more time with my wife, Jodie (and the donks!) in beautiful Bundanoon. Having more time and being nagged slightly less for not doing chores on my list!

5 // What changes would you like to see after this?
I would love to see the same commitment to tackling COVID-19 diverted to climate change. We have proved we can do amazing things when we really want to. 


Our Insta crush.

Turns out James is quite the photographer too! He takes some magical shots on his morning runs! Follow him on Instagram @jamesft . And get your cuteness overload and follow the mini donks themselves - yes, they have their very own Insta account


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James Fulford-Talbot relaxes at his home, Fulford Folly in Bundanoon.


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