HOW TO // A Guide To Renovating In The Highlands

HOW TO // A Guide To Renovating In The Highlands


Did you know over 60% of homeowners in Australia are likely to make the decision to do some sort of renovation in the next twelve months? Whether it be minor alterations or repairs, repainting a room, doing some interior rejigging with new curtains or blinds, adding a deck, or a full-blown home extension, it seems there are plenty of us who have caught the renovation bug.

Now we know from experience that renovating is not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure! So we’ve put together a Guide To Renovating In The Highlands to make the whole process a little less stressful for you.

Good luck! 

Southern Highlands renovation saw



You’re on Pinterest every night creating boards with titles like My Dream Kitchen and Moroccan Style Bathrooms, scouring interior design mags, reading our latest Stickybeak House Tour article and watching The Block on repeat. Now it’s time to get those plans off your Pinterest boards, out of your head and turned into something tangible. Here’s a list of local architects and draftsmen to get you started with drawing up plans that a council can approve and a builder can follow. 



Yeah, yeah….we know. Budgets are boring but totally necessary in the reno game! Once you know what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it, you need to make sure you’ve got the cashola to bring the transformation to life. If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with a financial planner, bank or mortgage broker to guide you in the right direction.


Red Tape

If you need council approval for your reno, be prepared to jump through some hoops and put together some additional info for your DA (Development Application). You may need to get in touch with a building surveyor to help you with additional reports. Oh, and if your reno involves removing a large tree, you’ll most likely need council permission for that too. That forms part of your DA and the council has an arborist that will come out and check out the tree in question. If all goes to plan, you’ll need an arborist or tree lopper to remove the tree and get moving on the construction side of things - you know, the fun stuff! 


House plans



Of course, you’ll need a builder or project manager to help you turn those fabulous house plans and drawings into reality. The Southern Highlands has plenty of talented builders – check out this list of over 60 local builders. And if you’re jumping on the tools and doing the build yourself, here is a link to medical centres in The Highlands. LOL! Just kidding. Maybe.  



If your reno is all about the bathroom, laundry and kitchen (arguably the most used rooms in the house!) you're going to want to find a great plumber - you can find one here.


Southern Highlands renovation construction


Decisions, decisions

If you think it’s time to have a little rest, now that the planning and paperwork is done and the builder is getting on with the messy side of things, think again! This is when you’ll need to make decisions on things like windows, roof types, doors, kitchen cabinetry, timber for the deck, carpet, floorboards, benchtops, tiles….the list goes on. And of course, you’re going to need to engage some tradies to make it all happen. From carpenters to concretors, plumbers to painters, stonemasons to sparkies and more, you can find an awesome local tradie to help you in our Business Directory.

And if you’re looking for something unique and custom-designed, get in touch with The Woodage in Mittagong. These guys create bespoke cabinetry for the home – island benches, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, stunning tables and more – with beautiful finishes. They’ll take your reno to the next level, that’s for sure.

Southern Highlands renovation bathroom the woodage


the woodage kitchen


Fabulous finishes

Once the tradies are done, it’s time for the fun and fabulous part – finishing off the interior! Engage an interior designer or scour interior magazines and give it a crack yourself. Local businesses can help you with lighting fixtures, shades and blinds, and of course you’re going to need some new furniture (yippee!) to go with the picture perfect reno you’re putting together! Here’s a list of local lifestyle and furniture retailers. And if you love finding vintage and unique pieces for the home, you’re sure to find something at one or more of the fabbo antique stores we have here in The Highlands.


Southern Highlands renovation electrican


Southern Highlands renovation plumber


Do you want to take this outside?

Well that’s all looking mighty fine to us! Good job. But has the reno meant that you need to rejig some of the outdoor areas too? Here’s a list of gardeners and lanscapers to get the exterior looking as ship shape as the rest of your reno. 


exterior Southern Highlands renovation


One last thing! You might want to bookmark this VERY important list – Pubs, Bars & Inns of The Highlands – to help you get through the tough days! And of course to celebrate the successful completion of your amazing renovation! Congratulations - you did it!!! 




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