How To Be Sun Smart In The Highlands This Summer

Stay safe with these tips from the team at Capital Chemist Bowral


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There’s no doubt the sun in the Southern Highlands has a bit of a sting in its tail during the warmer months and we do love heading outdoors to a local waterhole or plonking ourselves down at the nearest pub and staying cool with a few cold ones when the temperature rises, don’t we?

So here’s a timely reminder (thanks January heatwave for the inspo!) about looking after ourselves and making sure we’re Sun Smart when we’re outdoors, thanks to the team from Capital Chemist in Bowral.


Capital Chemist Bowral Sun Smart Tips



“Correct application of sunscreen is super important,” says pharmacist Catherine Yee.

“Here’s some basic tips to help you get this part right.”

  • Apply 20 minutes before exposure to UV in order to create the intended protective barrier.
  • Apply liberally and evenly to clean and dry skin.
  • For an adult, the recommended application is 5ml (approximately one teaspoon) for each arm, leg, body front, body back and face (including your neck and ears).

“That adds up to a total of 35ml or seven teaspoons for a full body application. For this reason, we recommend sunscreen products with a pump top dispenser and clear instructions on how many pumps to apply to make sure you’re getting adequate protection,” says Catherine.


Capital Chemist Bowral Sunscreen Application Tips



“Being proactive about re-applying sunscreen will help you stay protected if you’re outdoors at somewhere like the beach or working outside for a long period of time,” Catherine says.

“Reapply at least every two hours irrespective of the water resistance of the sunscreen. And remember that swimming, playing sport, sweating and towel drying can reduce the effectiveness of the product, so always reapply (on dry and clean) skin after those activities.”


Capital Chemist Bowral Southern Highlands Sun Safe Tips



“We have lots of requests for natural sunscreens, which use zinc as a physical UV blocker and there are some great natural sunscreen products available now – we recommend Wotnot, Moogoo and Invisible Zinc,” Catherine says.

“Always check the one you are looking at is TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved, water resistant, SPF 30 or above, and broad spectrum.”

But we’ve seen sunscreens that are less than SPF30. Why should it be a minimum of SPF30?

“The Cancer Council have shared research that shows SPF30 sunscreen filters 96.7% of UV radiation and SPF50 filters 98% - they’re pretty good numbers!”

And what is broad spectrum and why is it important?

“There are two types of UV radiation – UVA and UVB. UVA penetrates deep into the skin, affecting living cells that lie under the skin’s surface causing long-term damage like wrinkles and sagging, and it also contributes to skin cancer,” Catherine explains.

“UVB radiation penetrates the top layer of skin and is the main cause of skin damage and skin cancer. Broad spectrum sunscreen filters both UVA and UVB.”

The Cancer Council sunscreen range is one of the biggest sellers at Capital Chemist Bowral.

“Interestingly, late last year the Cancer Council warned against using aerosol sunscreens as the amount you need to ensure adequate protection is quite large, sometimes using half the bottle for one application which can work out to be quite expensive,” Catherine says.

“That’s why we like the pump pack options.”

What about for kids?

“Our new favourite sunscreen for kids is the Cetaphil Sun Kids Liposomal lotion. It’s got a handy pump top and a non-greasy formula so it easy to apply.”


Capital Chemist Bowral Best Sunscreen for Kids



“Sunscreen shouldn’t be our only line of defence,” says Catherine.

“The Cancer Council’s guidelines for being Sun Smart are easy to remember and follow.”

  • SLIP on sun protective clothing.
  • SLOP on SPF30 or broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen.
  • SLAP on a broad brim hat.
  • SEEK shade when possible.
  • SLIDE on sunglasses that meet Australian Standards. 

“And remember that sunburn is caused by UV radiation, which is not related to temperature,” Catherine points out.

“So even when it’s cloudy and a bit cooler outside, you should be following these guidelines and keeping yourself and your family protected.”


Capital Chemist Bowral Cancer Council Sunscreen


Capital Chemist Bowral is dedicated to improving each person’s health and wellbeing by providing quality pharmaceutical and health services to the Southern Highlands community. Open 7 days a week. Find out more here or pop in to say hello to the friendly team on Bong Bong Street.

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