How Highlanders Can Share The Love


That was one helluva summer, wasn’t it?? And our beautiful region is still feeling the after-effects. A downturn in visitors to the region has meant many of our local businesses are feeling the impact. 

So what can us locals do? 

Get behind our fab Southern Highlands biz owners! 

Here’s three easy ways you can take part in the Share The Love campaign and help our beautiful region get back on its feet again. 


share the love



Guys and gals, head on over to the Destination Southern Highlands website and check out all the awesome deals local businesses have got on offer for us. There is some really good stuff in there for us to treat ourselves to...

We’re talking discounts, freebies with purchase, free accommodation, complimentary wine, cheese and ice cream (all of our favourites – woohoo!), upgrades and more. Sooooo much more. The hardest decision will be what to choose because it’s all so darn good. 



This is such an easy way to share the love! Invite friends and family to come and stay for a weekend and then channel your inner tour guide and show them around our beautiful Southern Highlands.

Make memories with awesome experiences and tours – click here if you fancy hanging up your tour guide umbie and want someone else to do the guiding for you. Or check out our articles where we create the weekend itinerary for you – kid-friendly weekends and when the in-laws come to stay should get you started! 

Oh and if your house is already bursting at the seams (or you need a little space!), share this fab list –  of accommodation deals with your visitors –  they can choose from boutique hotels, B&B’s, heritage cottages, barns and farm stays.



This is such a great idea – we love it!! You can purchase a gift voucher for just $25 from here and pay it forward to one of the awesome RFS or SES volunteers.

The listed biz will pass the gift voucher on for you to the organisation you choose. There are plenty of businesses offering vouchers, and more businesses will be added regularly over the next few months. 

This is a win-win-win situation, right? An awesome volunteer gets a thank you gift, a local business gets the cashola for it and you get to feel all the warm fuzzies you feel when you do something nice. So cool! Click here to have a look – so many gift vouchers to choose from.


So, there you go.Three easy peasy ways you can support the amazing businesses in the Southern Highlands. Hop to it, people! 


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