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January 15, 2020
Is it the long, winding driveway? The beautiful big trees? The original homestead that whispers welcome to the country? Is it the roaring fire in The Great Hall in the winter? Or the casual... (more)
January 13, 2020
Who loves entertaining when it’s warm outside? Balmy, summer evenings on the veranda with friends sharing good food, delicious drinks and a few laughs – nothing better, right? ... (more)
January 07, 2020
It’s been a wild and emotional few weeks in the Southern Highlands as the bushfire crisis has well and truly taken hold of our beautiful region. And to be honest, we’re feeling a little... (more)
December 29, 2019
  It’s been quite the year in the Southern Highlands. So many great events to tell you about, awesome local businesses to share with you and we have loved discovering and getti... (more)
December 22, 2019
What an amazing show of support there has been from individuals and local businesses during this horrendous time. Our community has dived straight into offers of help and support for the brave and ... (more)
December 19, 2019
  For three years, Eden Brewery in Mittagong has been punching above its weight in... (more)
December 13, 2019
Water restrictions were introduced in the Southern Highlands on 16th December across the shire. It's important that... (more)
December 10, 2019
  Don’t you just love Straya? Not only do the warmer months bring delightful creatures like mozzies, flies the size of your head, creepy crawlies and wriggly sticks out of... (more)
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