Meet the local fashion designer creating timeless, elegant and locally made pieces for stylish Highlanders.


“Beautiful fabrics, classic lines, and no fuss... that’s timeless elegance,” Zoe Georgiou says, as we catch-up at her beautiful boutique store at The Mill in Bowral.

And that pretty much sums up Zoe’s approach to fashion! She creates high-quality wardrobe staples to wear all year round – from work to date night to coffee with friends and everything in between. 

We love how she’s drawn on the talents and creativity of her own parents (and that her Mum is part of her business!). 

Here’s how Zoe ended up in the world of fashion and why her ethos of timeless style and the use of natural materials is so important to the quality of the beautiful pieces she designs and creates. 


Zoe Georgiou Designs


1 // How did you get involved in fashion design?

After a career in photography and graphic design, I decided the natural course was to follow my greatest passion, fashion design. It simply runs through my veins. My parents are both bespoke tailors. I am extremely fortunate to have learnt so much from them. My mother is still to this day an integral part of my business. I admire their creativity and talents, which they have passed on to me to use as best I can in my own journey.  


Zoe Georgiou Southern Highlands fashion designer


2 // Who or what are your biggest influences or inspiration?

My family is my biggest inspiration. They were actually the reason why I decided to launch my label. It’s important to have family and friends who believe in you and walk alongside you as you pursue your dreams.

As for influences in the fashion world, Christian Dior. That says it all! I respect and love the story he creates. And I admire Ralph Lauren with his ability to keep it simple and real.


Zoe Georgiou Highlands Creative

3 // What materials do you like to use in the process of creating what you do?

I love working with natural fabrics such as Australian merino wool, silks, linens and denim . This ensures the clothes we make are beautiful to wear, functional and most importantly, long lasting. These sorts of fabrics give us a quality cut and finish. I like working with fibres that breathe, have movement and are sustainable. 

Beautiful fabrics, classic lines, and no fuss... that’s timeless elegance.


Zoe Georgiou at The Mill Bowral

4 // What advice would you give anyone wanting to move into your field?

Believe in your dreams and in yourself! It’s a lot of hard work. There are many ups and downs but staying true to yourself is terribly important. Think about quality and don’t go down the path of fast fashion. Hold onto your passion. Make it yours.


Zoe Georgiou designs timeless classics

5 // Why do you love being a creative in the Southern Highlands?

I am inspired by nature and life and all the lush beautiful things we are surrounded with on a daily basis - the gorgeous Southern Highlands landscape, the people and the refreshing colder climate. I love layering and we can do that here. It fits in beautifully with my designs. And Southern Highlanders appreciate quality handmade artisan fashion.

You can see Zoe’s stunning creations at her gorgeous boutique in Bowral. Zoe is super-knowledgable about fashion and fabrics, and will happily help you select something that fits beautifully, feels fabulous and looks amazing! 


Zoe Georgiou Designs based in Bowral Southern Highlands



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