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Meet The Creative Force Behind Berrima’s Fabulous Whitewall Art Projects


From the streetscape of New York to the landscape of the Southern Highlands, we’re so lucky Thomas Bucich has found his way to our part of the world!

A talented artist himself (his sculptures are amazing!), Thomas has given a beautiful heritage building in Berrima a new lease of life, thanks to the launch of the stunning purpose-built space that is now known as Whitehall Art Projects.

We caught up with Thomas to find out more about his creative life and why he loves living that life in the Southern Highlands. 




1 // Who or what are your biggest influences or inspiration?

In hindsight, for me my greatest inspiration has always been the refinement of Classical Art contrasted against the raw energy and forms of nature. I find my source somewhere between the two elements. I’m inspired equally by the creative awesomeness of what humankind and nature achieve.


2 // What materials do you like to use in the process of creating what you do?

My practice has a sense of ‘plasticity’ about it, where I experiment and push materials to achieve the story or concept I’m trying to develop. I love mixed media on board, but my ultimate indulgence is working in wax and casting bronze.




3 // What advice would you give anyone wanting to move into your field?

Stop talking about it, and just DO IT! We all waste too much time thinking - and the moment you become immersed in whatever you do, you begin to succeed.


4 // Tell us about a career highlight.

Winning commissioned awards like the Thredbo Sculpture Prize, the Moss Vale War Memorial and being asked to create 200 works for a 5 star hotel were great highlights, but to be honest, I still get a buzz every time someone connects with my work, seems to ‘get it’ and buys a piece!


Cobalt Blue and silver in the glass


5 // What challenges have you experienced in your career?

Making the move to make art a full time, fully immersive activity is definitely the greatest challenge I’ve experienced - and the most rewarding! Now that I’ve taken on the stewardship of the old Bell Gallery - now Whitewall Art Projects my latest challenge that I really enjoy actually, is balancing my time between my studio practice, creating an active and engaging art space, and having a rich personal life.


6 // What’s next on the horizon? 

My plan is to continue to keep making, creating, and always evolving. My personality doesn’t allow me to sit back and enjoy what I’ve done. I continuously need to discover and be moving forward. I’m currently in the process of beginning collaborations with other creatives and entrepreneurial individuals to develop mutually supportive projects that allow us to bring ART to a greater audience.


Inside the gallery


7 // Why do you love being a creative in the Southern Highlands?

First and foremost, as nature is a major inspiration for my creative process, living in such a rich natural environment makes waking up in the Highlands every day a treat. Then of course, always being within a short drive to fulfil my city cravings for serious coffee and gourmet foods makes my life fully balanced - simple pleasures! Then to top it all off, we’re fortunate to have a very strong arts and cultural community here which seems to be growing stronger every year as we attract more and more talent.


Thomas Bucich has created Whitewall Art Projects, a stunning art experience in what was the Bell Gallery in Berrima. This stunning purpose-built space is now home to a dynamic collection of works by Australian and international artists in painting, sculpture, drawing, photography as well as an exquisite collection of limited edition etchings, and a constant stream of unique exhibitions. Find out more about this fab addition to the Highlands art scene here.


Exterior of gallery




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