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Talented Artist, Muso And Part Of the Successful Gang Of Five Art Collab


Meet Stan Korytnyj who has quite the history combining his two loves – art and music. Not only has he had many successful exhibitions, he’s also been on stage with some pretty legendary music characters including Daddy Cool, The Angels, AC/DC and loads more – VERY cool!

Stan is also part of the Gang of Five, a super talented collab of artists that regularly exhibit their work in the Southern Highlands and beyond, most recently at Bowral Art Gallery. We had a chat to Stan about his interesting history and what makes his creative heart tick.


Southern Highlands Creatives Stan Korytnyj


1 // How did you get involved in art and music?

When I left high school, I applied for and won a scholarship to the South Australian School of Art. I taught in public high schools for three years then worked as a professional musician for twenty years.


2 // Who or what are your biggest influences or inspiration?

I use painting to comment on social injustice, inequity and misadventure - the abuse of youth in religious and secular institutions, the conflict of cultures. My influences are probably Francis Bacon, Picasso and Brett Whiteley.


Stan Korytnyj Bowral Artist


3 // What materials do you use in the process of creating your art?

For a time I used acrylic paint, but I’ve reverted to the medium of my youth which was oil paint. I like the fact that I can go back to an unfinished work the following day and still work the wet paint.


4 // What advice would you give anyone wanting to move into the art world?

Learn to love your craft and learn to love what you create.


Stan Korytnyj Art Exhibitions


5 // Tell us about a memorable moment in your career.

I actually moved to Bowral from Adelaide back in 1994 when the backpacker murders in Belanglo State Forest were making headlines. I ended up painting a series of art works and wrote a number of music pieces as a reaction to the horror I felt about what happened. The exhibition was at the Soho Gallery in Woolloomooloo and got covered by most newspapers in NSW and the ABC in London.


6 // What challenges have you experienced in your career?

By far the most difficult time was when the Department for Public Prosecution threatened to sue me and close that exhibition. Milat’s trial was proceeding in the Campbelltown court and it was thought my art could influence the outcome. I had not mentioned Milat’s name and there were no realistic images portrayed, but on the opening night the police contingent arrived to prevent the exhibition opening.

The ABC, Channel 7 and Channel 9 were there with the cameras rolling. Several hundred people arrived for the opening. The police backed off and the exhibition was a success. 


7 // What are your plans for the future?

Just keep on painting!


8 // Why do you love being a creative in the Southern Highlands?

I love the community spirit here. I’m grateful for the years of support I’ve received from students, parents, fellow teachers and neighbours, for my music, my teaching and my art.


Stan Korytnyj Gang of Five Art Exhibitions Bowral


There’s always something happening at Bowral Art Gallery, including exhibitions by the Gang Of Five (pictured above) – you'll find workshops,exhibitions, events and more. Find out more about the Bowral District Art Society here.


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