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February 06, 2020
  Did you know that 5% of adults in Australia have never learned how to swim? That’s well over a million people, which is quite a big number for a country that is surrounded by... (more)
November 10, 2019
  We’re all working our way through something, aren’t we? Whether it’s something from the past impacting our life, or a challenging situation we’re in right n... (more)
October 28, 2019
Early detection is key to improving breast cancer survival rates, so let’s get proactive about checking our breasts, girls!    October is Brea... (more)
October 04, 2019
Local researcher changing lives   We love hearing about talented people doing awesome things. And we love that the Highlands is full of these sorts of people in a ... (more)
September 02, 2019
Prioritise Your Health This Women’s Health Week 2-6 September... (more)
June 19, 2019
How Taekwondo And Kung Fu Improves Personal Wellbeing    Multiple forms of martial arts have been around for centuries. From the Karate dojos in Okinawa and the Kung... (more)
May 27, 2019
I have a confession to make. I was a Young Talent Time wannabe in the eighties. In fact, I was so certain I was the next Tina Arena that I even went to the Johnny Young Talent School and tapped, pl... (more)
March 25, 2019
A Business With Heart There are so many fabulous producers and farmers using what nature has provided for us in the Southern Highlands to create wonderful busin... (more)
March 07, 2019
Expert Advice On How To Treat Insomnia and Sleep Apnoea   ... (more)
February 27, 2019
EXPERIENCE THIS // Acupuncture at Evodia Health   p.p1 {margin: 0.0... (more)
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