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How The F45 Bowral Challenge Has Changed The Lives Of Highlanders


F45 Bowral 45 Day Challenge


F45 Bowral’s 45-Day Challenge starts on Monday 17 August and it’s creating quite the buzz!


Well, there’s the whole losing what we call the ISO FIVE - those five pesky kilos we all packed on during lockdown that we Just. Cant. Seem. To. Shift. Screw you sourdough and wine!

And then of course, there’s the very cool emotional and mental health benefits that come from getting a whole lot of endorphins pumping through our system.

Kicking those unhealthy habits to the kerb and working in a whole lot of new and awesome healthy habits that end up becoming part of your everyday life.

Oh, and connecting with a cool bunch of people that don’t care what size, shape, or fitness level you are.

Aaaaaaaaaand drum roll (you’re doing it, aren’t you?).........the winner of the challenge will receive 5000 big ones! Yep - $5k in cash!

So, we wanted to find out more. But not just about the challenge. We wanted to chat to Highlanders who had done the challenge before.

People like you (and us!) with busy lives, family, work and/or study commitments, whatever it may did they make it happen?

Because we’ll be honest. We’re all pretty darn good at excuses, right? So, what happens when the excuses stop, and the challenge starts?


This is what happens.



“I was at another gym and had become a bit complacent with my training. I originally signed up for the free 7-day trial at F45 with the plan to steal a few new exercises and moves and then head back to my old gym,” Corinne tells us.

Cheeky! (we love it) 

“But after my second class at F45 Bowral, I was hooked, left my old gym and signed up here!”

Corinne joined in July 2018, doing the October 2018 challenge to lose five kilos that she couldn’t quite shift herself, thanks to her busy life as a mum to three boys, a demanding job, volunteering at her local school and soccer club, and a husband on shift work.

“I found getting up early before everyone else to get to the gym worked for me,” she says.

“It was actually a really, nice quiet and calm part of the day where I could focus on me and what I needed. I found that when I invested time in myself, I had more to give to others, especially my family.”

The challenge helped Corinne shift the weight and increased her muscle mass (she got abs for the first time ever in her life - yeah baby!) but something even better happened.

“After the challenge, I went off my anxiety medication for the first time in two years,” she says.

“It’s no secret that exercising and a healthy diet benefits mental health. I found I could think clearer and was more in tune with my body, which meant I could manage my anxiety without medication. That was life changing for me.”

Oh, and Corinne loved the vibe at F45 so much, she did her Certificate in Fitness and is now one of their trainers! Boom!


F45 Training in Bowral Southern Highlands NSW



Back in 2016, Annabel (actually everyone calls her Bel, so we will too!) had hit a low point.

“How I felt about myself physically was affecting me emotionally. I was running a business with my husband and had three kids and wanted to be in a better space to be on top of all that,” Bel says.

At the beginning of 2017, Bel signed up to the F45 Challenge and went all in!

“The challenge was hard work to start with. You give your body a rest from coffee, alcohol and sugar, drastically cut your calories and train, so when you combine all that together, it can hit you hard in the first week,” she says.

“It took a fair bit of mental strength for me to push past that.”

But by the end of Week 2, Bel was starting to see results which gave her the motivation to keep pushing and end up with some pretty kickarse numbers.

“I dropped 8 kilograms, shed 5% body fat, gained muscle and lost more than 25cm in total from my body,” Bel says.

See? Kickarse!

“I’ve maintained my health and fitness goals ever since thanks to all the knowledge I gained from the challenge. I changed my habits and now three years later at the age of 40, I am the fittest I’ve ever been and have more energy than ever.”


F45 Bowral Win $5000 in the Challenge



If health issues are your reason for not taking your fitness to the next level, then you need to meet Erin. After a lifelong struggle with PCOS and surviving a stroke in 2015, Erin and her husband were told they probably wouldn’t be able to have kids. She went down the IVF road and fell pregnant, just before she was due to have heart surgery. Another baby followed and so did an uptick on the scales.

“We went away in January to the beach. I saw a photo of myself and thought who IS that?? Where did I go?” Erin says.

“That’s when I knew I had to make a change and prioritise myself, and my health.”

Erin signed up for the February 2019 challenge after doing the 7-day free trial.

“I was so excited when I first started. I did the 5am class (still do!) while the family is asleep and get everything organised when I get back from the gym – I’ve just made it part of my day,” she says.

Erin ended up winning the challenge with some amayyyyyzing results.

“I lost 10 kilos but most importantly I changed my eating habits. I learnt so much about portion control and how incidental eating can impact your overall health,” she says.

Erin signed up to do another challenge and lost another 5 kilos! That’s 15 kilos all up since the beginning of the year – nice one!

“The thing to remember about the challenge is that you can do it if you really WANT to do it – mindset is so important,” Erin says.

“The F45 Bowral team set you up to succeed. The app educates you and helps you, but also makes you accountable. And the trainers are awesome. They want you to succeed too.”


Benefits of F45 Training Bowral
Erin after the F45 challenge (left) and before (right). 

F45 Bowral Challenge - Before and After

Erin before the second challenge she did (left) and after losing 5 kilo's during the challenge (right) 



Keen? Here’s what you need to know!

When does it start? Monday 17 August (next week, people!) with a body scan on Sunday 16 August.

How long does it go for? 45 days. It used to be 8 weeks but now it’s a super-achievable 45 days.

How are you supported? The Challenge app is awesome. It includes weekly meal plans with vegan, vegetarian and mainstream options, shopping lists, recipes, goal tracking, tips and tricks to help you smash your goals, and on-demand workouts if you can’t make it to the gym one day (very cool!). And of course, the fab bunch of trainers at the F45 Bowral studio in Kirkham Road will be with you every step of the way.

How much does it cost? There are three options for you to choose from. Journey membership at $59 a week, the Freedom Membership at $69 per week or you can run with the Challenge Package which is a $500 one-off payment.

How do you sign up? Simplez! Just call Brendon at the studio on 0499 771 252 and he’ll talk you through next steps. But don’t dilly dally!

And the $5000 question! How much can you win? The Overall Studio Champion wins $5k and the first-place male and female will win 45 days of free training (valued up to $500!). Sooooo worth it!


The F45 Bowral 45-Day Challenge is aimed at promoting positive change that goes well beyond the 45 minutes you spend training every day. You’ll receive the tools, guidance, support, and confidence to build lifelong habits for a fitter and stronger version of yourself and make a change for good!

Come join the F45 fam bam! 

The F45 Bowral 45-Day Challenge 2020


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