Fitness Solutions For Busy Highlanders From Simply Fitness

A range of classes and times to suit the busiest of schedules!


It can be hard to squeeeeze exercise into a busy schedule, we get it! It’s one of the most common excuses we make when justifying why we’re not moving as much as we possibly could.

“Oh well, I don’t have time. Never mind.” The end.

But that excuse became a little harder to offer up when we chatted with Liz from Simply Fitness and ran our eyes over the timetable and types of classes she offers at her boutique fitness studio in Mossy. Daytime, evening and lunchtime classes – yep, you can fit a Wednesday Barre Attack class into your lunch hour! – mean scheduling some time in to focus on your fitness becomes a whole lot easier.

“Simply Fitness is for people who want to get moving and be a better version of themselves than they were yesterday,” Liz says.

“The way we’ve designed the timetable and the different types of classes means that people can come in 3-5 times a week and do something different every day without overloading themselves, physically and mentally and logistically!”

Okay, cool! So, let’s find out more about the range of classes you can do at Simply Fitness and, more importantly how they can benefit your overall health and wellbeing.


Simply Fitness Moss Vale


1 // BARRE

We’ve done this one and it’s awesome – read about our experience here! We reckon the best way to describe it is Flashdance meets Swan Lake with a side of Aerobics Oz Style – a fun mash-up of ballet inspired moves, pilates principles and stretching.

“Barre attack is one of our signature classes and we’re the only gym in the Highlands that does the Barre Attack Method,” says Liz.

“The class flows consistently for 45 minutes and is great for people who want to work on their posture and balance – it targets inner thighs, glutes, bums and tummies.”

This class is popular with the Simply Fitness crew because it works multiple groups simultaneously which helps with energy expenditure (that means you’re burning calories, people!).

“You’re not sweating buckets but because you’re working so many muscles, it’s super beneficial and you’re not loading up the joints,” Liz points out.

“And you’re not super sore the next morning.”

Bonus! Do it in your lunch hour on Wednesday too! 

Tuesday 945 - 1030am :: Wednesday 1230-115pm :: Friday 945 - 1030am :: Saturday 930 - 1015am


Barre Attack


2 // MetaPWR

Liz has plenty of clients who have joint issues – knees, shoulders, hips – but still crack on with their exercise regime thanks to the Simply Fitness team running classes like MetaPWR.

“MetaPWR has equipment involved which means we can still increase the cardio output by using things like dumbbells, kettle bells and medicine balls but without all the jumping around which impacts joints,” Liz explains.

This used to look like a bit of a circuit class but thanks to the old global pandy, there’s no sharing of equipment and Liz has had to change things up a bit.

“Everyone is assigned their pieces of equipment at the beginning of the class which you use the whole time,” says Liz.

“We do short bursts of high intensity exercise with equipment which is a more efficient way to burn fat and preserve muscle.”

Safe AND fat-burning......we likey!

Tuesday 9 - 930am :: Saturday 845 - 915am





Oooh we’ve done this one too – and boy, does it wake up any muscles in your core that have been sleeping on the job!

“This is another class that’s unique to the Highlands and it’s only 30 minutes!” says Liz.

Now, because it requires constant core engagement, you are working out the entire time.

“Pilates Stick does so much!” Liz says.

“It helps with upper body stability, balance, posture, your shoulders are getting a workout, and we work the glutes and hamstrings.”

We are lovin’ the 30 minutes – express exercise done and dusted! Next!

Friday 1045 - 1115am :: Saturday 1030 - 1100am

Another variation on Pilates is the Pilates Arc class - we did this and loved it so much, we actually wrote about it! Have a read here and then book yourself in to try it for yourself. 

Monday 530 - 6pm :: Tuesday 1035 - 1115am :: Wednesday 9 - 930am 


There is also a Mat Pilates class you can try! 

Monday 930am


Pilates Stick



“The best way to describe this is like a pilates class on the mat,” Liz says.

Now you’re talking! Exercise while lying down.....sign us up.

“Well yes, it’s a mat-based core class using a pilates ball but that doesn’t mean it’s time for a snooze. The pilates ball provides instability resistance which means you are working all those core muscles - tummy, glutes, hamstrings – for the 45-minute class.”

Liz has been finding that many people who have visited a physio have been told to strengthen their core, so they role up at Simply Fitness not quite sure what to do.

“Solid core is the perfect place to start,” she says. 

“If you’re core isn’t strong, then nothing else is going to be strong. If you’re not strong in the centre, you can’t expect to lift large weights or move properly.”

Thursday 10 - 1045am


Solid Core



This is a fun class where we mix it up with our exercises and get the heart rate up. You might be doing 15 squats while someone across the room is running on the spot, then you swap. Or you could be shadow boxing then jump on the TRX for some strength training.

“The point is to raise heart rates and burn calories without getting too intense or super fatigued,” says Liz.

“The circuit approach and mash-up of different exercises is perfect for people who love to get moving and working at their own pace.”

Thursday 6.30pm - 7.15pm

There are other classes to get the heart rate going too - choose from Cardio Play and after having to modify this class during COVID, the original version of partner-based Box Fit Cardio is back!! Yeaaaaaaah! 


Cardio Exercise


6 // TRX

“This is another one of our popular classes at Simply Fitness because it’s such a brilliant body-resistance based workout,” says Liz.

The TRX System is two canvas straps attached to an anchor point which you then use to work through a number of resistance-based exercises.

“One of the best things about the TRX is you can make every exercise easier or harder by changing the position of your feet or how you hold the handles,” Liz says.

“Not only is it great for working on your overall body and muscular strength, but your core is also constantly engaged because of the unstable nature of the straps.”

Liz has two versions of a TRX class. One runs for 45 minutes and uses additional pieces of equipment such as dumbbells or bands to change things up a bit. The other class is a specific TRX core class which is floor based (oooh, we get to lie down again!) and a little bit more advanced, which is why it’s only 30 minutes because of it’s higher level of intensity. Lovin’ the 30-minute options again!

“Another good thing about TRX is I can work with different abilities, fitness levels and age groups quite easily in the one class. It’s a very versatile piece of kit,” Liz adds.

Tuesday 530 - 615pm :: Wednesday 945 - 1030am :: Friday TRX Core 9 - 930am :: Tuesday TRX Stretch-Based 0945am 




7 // YOGA 

We love that Simply Fitness takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and works with a local yoga teacher to offer yoga classes in the weekly schedule.

“On Mondays, Felicity runs a Vinyasa Yoga class which focuses on transitioning between yoga poses with a flow-like movement. It’s such a great workout focusing on strength and it’s up to you if you want to challenge yourself or literally, go with the flow,” says Liz.

There is also a deliciously calming Sunday afternoon session every fortnight which is such a great way to finish one week and start another. 

Every second Sunday 4 - 5pm  :: Tuesday 1230pm


Yoga Classes



If there's one thing we know we need, it's a little more strength and bit more sculpting, right? 

"The beauty of this class is that it focuses on building muscular strength while helping to achieve that sculpted look," Liz says. 

"We use a variety of equipment including kettle bells, dumb bells, resistance bands as well as body weight."

And see Exhibit A - Liz herself. She definitely walks / cardios / pilates her talk and is one toned lady! 

Thursday 0900 - 1015am


Simply Fitness is Moss Vale’s only boutique fitness and personal training studio. A friendly, neighbourhood studio with affordable fitness classes, a range of sessions suitable for all sorts of fitness levels and busy schedules! We love the small classes too – such a great way to get a personalised training experience. Get in touch with Liz today and give one (or all!) of these fab classes a try. Find out more information here.




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