F45 Bowral’s Epic Facelift

New owners, new look and a fab new energy!

This week gyms and fitness fans celebrated the lifting of restrictions for gyms. But F45 Bowral had a little bit more to celebrate because while COVID took hold, they got busy and gave the space an incredible makeover. 

Everything was ripped out and replaced with the latest and greatest in health and fitness equipment and technology. From new equipment, climate-controlled air con, sparkly new change rooms, body scanning equipment (oh, and scans are free!) through to state-of-the-art sound and lighting. 

“It’s like a nightclub!” one of their members said at the re-opening celebration, which F45 founder Rob Deutsch rolled up to, on the weekend! 

F45 have brought world class fitness facilities to the Highlands and we get to benefit. Awesome, right? 

Oh, and there’s a new owner and we gotta say, after interviewing entrepreneur Tim Caruana, we don’t think we’ve ever met or chatted to a more focused and energetic individual. Tim lives and breathes what he does with such passion and drive. He’s the perfect person to lead the kickbutt F45 Bowral team to help clients meet their health, fitness, wellbeing and life goals. 

Here’s our chat with Tim! 


Grand opening of F45 Bowral


1 // How did you get into the fitness industry? 

I grew up in Campbelltown, left school early and then spent the next few years doing every sort of job you can think of. I got married at the age of 21 and when my wife, Penny and I had our first child at the age of 23, I realised the job I had - working 6 days a week 16 hours a day in a warehouse for someone else - wasn’t going to provide the security my family needed. I needed to work smarter, not harder. 

Part of that transition meant playing around on eBay back in the day. I was quite successful and that was my first introduction into self-employment and working with products. Fast forward a few more years and I started working with Groupon which had just launched in Australia. I was promoted pretty quickly and ended up earning great money, managing a big team but I was travelling a whole lot, which was impacting our family life. 

When Penny told me we were expecting our fourth child, I realised that work wasn’t making me happy. So, I left to have a bit of a break. 

It wasn’t long before Penny was encouraging me to go and do something. I was driving her crazy being at home! 

I started a watch brand called Christian Paul which turned out to be successful – a few years ago we were the only Australian watch brand to exhibit at Baselworld in Switzerland which was a pretty big deal at the time. I worked hard and was travelling a lot. Fitness took a back seat and once again, I burnt myself out. 

So, we were having dinner with friends who had just moved to Picton a couple of years ago. They were members of F45 Narellan and really enjoyed it but didn’t want to drive from Picton, so they suggested I open an F45 in Picton. 

That night I jumped online and looked at what areas were available and there it was – Picton! 


State of the art equipment at F45 Bowral


2 // Why F45? What piqued your interest about it? 

A few years ago, my wife and I were planning a European trip so were keen to lose a few kilos before we went. We joined up at the F45 Narellan and did the eight-week challenge. She lost 7 kilos and I went from 105 kilos down to 90 kilos.I thought the results were amazing and really enjoyed the energy and the team training element to it. I used to play competitive rugby league when I was younger, so enjoyed being back in that team environment. 

At the time, I never thought I’d end up owning an F45! 

And when I started Christian Paul, I did a lot of research on brands that really nailed their marketing on Instagram and F45 often came up in my feed. I liked how they marketed their product. 


F45 Bowral has had a complete refurbishment


3 // Tell us more about F45 Bowral and what clients can expect to experience there. 

The biggest asset of F45 Bowral has always been and still is, thank goodness, the team of trainers. You can put all the bells and whistles in, the program is awesome and the brand is amazing, but the delivery and execution all comes down to the team. Corinne, Brooke, Brendon, Riley, Andy and Charlotte have always enjoyed being involved in changing people’s lives and helping them achieve their health goals. They’re so driven and care so much. And now they have an even better centre to do it in. 

We’ve built an interactive set-up with climate control, and have an awesome lighting and sound setup which helps to create atmosphere, build the energy in the room and make fitness fun - we’re planning to have a DJ every Saturday! We’ll also have a supplement shop which anyone is welcome to check out, body scan technology and new change rooms and bathrooms. 

There is nothing recognisable about how it used to look. We literally ripped everything out. But the one thing we did keep is irreplaceable – the team of trainers. They’re the ones who give me the confidence to know that this centre is going to be successful.  


The team of trainers at F45 Bowral


Nutritional supplements available at F45 Bowral


4 // What else do you love about the F45 approach to health and fitness? 

It’s a non-judgemental environment where you can achieve your goals and feel like you matter. Fitness isn’t just aesthetic, right? It’s personal, it’s mental, it’s connected to so many different parts of us. We’ve created a hub where people feel confident and capable which impacts other parts of their life. 

I also like that we’re there for every client. Yes, we’ll hold you accountable, but we’ll do it in a positive way and help you through any barriers or challenges you’re facing that may be impacting your health and fitness goals. 

And I always look for those moments of celebration. When someone nails a workout, those high five moments (not that we can do that at the moment!), seeing people transform their bodies, health and self-confidence, hearing from a client that they don’t have to take their blood pressure medication anymore, helping a client do something they never thought they could do. 

That’s why I’m here. 


F45 Bowral is currently offering exclusive Journey Memberships on a 6 month contract and Freedom Memberships with no lock-in contract. Find out more about the new gym and membership by calling Brendon on 0499 771 252 or download the F45 Training App on iPhone or Android and register for a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL. 


Highlanders love the new look F45 Bowral


F45 can kit you out with their fabulous activewear


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