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EXPERIENCE THIS // Layering With Style Workshop

EXPERIENCE THIS // Layering With Style Workshop


If you’ve ever looked at your over-flowing wardrobe, thrown your hands up in the air and said “I’ve got nothing to wear!” then read on my fashion flailing friend….this one is for you. 


You know when it’s a freezing cold weeknight and you don’t want to move your tired and sorry butt off the couch and away from the fire but you go and do it anyway……and then you’re so glad you did that you tell all your friends about it?! That’s what happened to us when we attended a Layering With Style Workshop in Bowral on a chilly winter’s night. 

Layering With Style is a gorgeous fashion and accessories store in Bowral. It’s overflowing with on-trend scarves, shoes, sunglasses (we spent some time in front of the mirror trying those on!), jewellery, jackets, jumpers, stylish and comfy pants – and loads more. 

Owner of Layering With Style, Shelly Burrows is the wife of Pete Burrows from Pete’s Shed and has given the Pete’s Shed & Mrs store on Bong Bong Street an injection of new life with a fresh look and rebrand, running her fabulous Layering With Style workshops, and wardrobe and styling sessions from here. 


layering with style


So, we tottered into this beautifully lit store at 6:00pm grateful for the warmth and the glass of bubbles handed to us on arrival. 

Now, Shelly is one super savvy stylist, thanks to her 35 years of fashion industry experience. And her knowledge of all things stylin’, layering and on-trend was apparent from the moment we settled in to start the workshop. 

fashion bowral shopping

First of all, Shelly asked us what we wanted to change about our wardrobes and current style. Answers ranged from dressing for the cold effectively, how to find a succinct style which means shopping is more focused and less wasteful, how to dress for a changing body and how to acessorise. 

Shelly handed out our very own Layering With Style Workshop booklets which was full of tools and tips with space for us to write down our own notes – probably a good idea to give me something to read and write on as I was getting distracted by all the shiny and fabulous items around me and kept touching them! 

earrings bowral


Using articles of clothing and accessories from the racks on the store, Shelly then guided us through some of the key learnings around personal style, defining your style, and how to cull what’s in your wardrobe so that when you do go shopping for a new look, the additions to your wardrobe are considered and fit your personal style. 

fashion workshop


So, these are some of the tips I picked up that spoke to me (every person will pick up different takeouts from the workshop based on why you’re there and where you are in your own personal style journey). And I have been using these tips ever since: 

Start with a classic colour base – black, white, denim, natural – and then use bags, shoes and jewellery to add colour to an outfit. 

If you wear sunglasses a lot (I wear sunnies every day and often lose them only to find them on my head!), keep your earrings simple. Be mindful of overdoing it with accessories. Sunglasses, big earrings and a chunky necklace all happening at the same time is a whole lot of unnecessary accessory overload. It was Coco Chanel herself who said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Good advice for this accessory addict!! 

Work your best asset! Got gorgeous curves? Show them off with a beautiful belt. Long legs? Skinny jeans will be your best friend. Know what your best features are and find outfits that accentuate them (Shelly will help you with this on the night!). 

Group your clothes on quality hangers. It extends the life of your clothes and looks a bit spesh in your wardrobe too. 

Oh and Shelly showed us how to wear a scarf like a French woman! Oui oui! 

layering tops



We loved how Shelly grabbed items from the racks to help us define our individual styles and we also loved how anything we bought on the night was 10% off – yippee!! Got myself a snazzy little denim jacket that I have worn about 453 times since! 


Fashion denim jackets bowral


Layering With Style Workshops are held on the third Wednesday of every month at the Layering With Style store on Bong Bong Street in Bowral. It kicks off at 6:00pm and you’ll be done by 7:30pm or 8:00pm if you add in a bit of browsing and buying time! Find out more information about the next workshop on Wednesday 21 August here.

Shelly also does wardrobe consultations and hosted shopping days – awesome! You can find out more info about those here

So, why don't you invest 90 minutes and $45 and head along to this workshop. Trust us – it will give you the confidence to create your own style (and know how to do it!), inspire you to dive headfirst into that wardrobe and breathe new life into it so the words “I’ve got nothing to wear!” are never uttered again!

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