Drought Appeals In The Southern Highlands

August 05, 2018

As our Aussie farmers are going through one of the worst droughts we've seen in decades, locals are looking for ways they can help.

People supporting people, locals supporting locals, in any capacity, is a beautiful thing to see.

Sadly there are all too many families needing assisitance, here in The Highlands and throughout the country. If you want to help, here are some of the options we've found supporting both local and national appeals.

What can you do?

There are a number of initiaitves that you can donate to or get involved in, around The Highlands.

  • The Bowral Co-op in conjunction with a number of specialist services and organisations have set up a Drought Hub in store to offer services and support for locals in need. There is also a fundraising appeal for farmers and donations can be made either in the Co-op itself or directly through BDCU:

           Bowral Co-op Drought Appeal

           BSB: 802-101

           A/C: 100072517


Every dollar helps. Workplace challenges.

Fundraising with your friends and colleagues is a great way to raise some additional dollars for the drought appeal. Here are some creative ways your workplace can have some fun and raise some inportant extra dollars for your chosen appeal.

We're challenging you to....

  1. A swear jar – such a good one this! Keep a tally so you don’t need coins! It's amazing just how many coins can pile up with this one.
  2. Lunch from home week – make a big effort to bring your lunch in from home for a week and donate your savings. You’ll be surprised! Penalties apply if you cave and buy your lunch.
  3. Dress down day – ditch the office wear and embrace trackkies and uggs for the day. Get other businesses and clients on board. A great one for schools and community groups. Who wouldn’t pay to see a school teacher in their PJ’s?
  4. Bake off – a baking competition with entry fee (we'll happily judge!!). Open it up to other businesses/groups and end with a cake stall to sell creations by the slice.
  5. Sausage sizzle with mandatory silly apron - Get the boss to cook up snags at a local park with BBQs and get the community involved.
  6. Office raffle – everyone donates a prize and buys a ticket. Can be funny or serious. We like funny.
  7. Organise a lunchtime office trivia/board game or sporting contest – Get creative and charge a fee for entry. Coin toss could work here too!
  8. Meme or caption competition – pic a funny photo and have a crack at captioning or ‘meme-ing’ it. Keep it classy, people… wink, wink.
  9. Colouring in competition – get the kids involved. Or have an adult competition! Everyone loves an excuse to get out the Textas.
  10. Badger the boss! Pick one of the above or something unique and get the boss to match your donations. Watch the dollars soar!!