Cafes With Wi-Fi In The Highlands

Cafes With Wi-Fi In The Highlands

Cafes With Wi-Fi In The Highlands

Soooo one of us may or may not have got locked out of the office recently after leaving the keys at home thanks to Monday morning mayhem – oops! So off said person went, looking for a local café with free Wi-Fi to get cracking on the work day ahead, thinking hey, wouldn’t it be good if there was a definitive list of cafes with free Wi-Fi in The Highlands?

Wouldn’t that be handy for people who like to study, work or write in cafes, and of course handy for….ahem…people who lock themselves out of their own office?

So we called over 100 cafes across The Highlands, asked them if they had Wi-Fi available and voila! Here is a list of local cafes with free Wi-Fi!

Order a coffee, ask for the password and off you go. 

Maybe we should lock ourselves out of the office more often….

woman at a cafe table



Berrima —

Bendooley Estate    

Stones Patisserie


Bowral —

2A Park Road   

4 brothers Café  

Café Rosso   

Cappa's Café

Coffee Culture    

Deebs Deli    

Elephant Boy    

Flour Water Salt  

Gloria Jeans Bowral    

Gourmet Affair    

Hospital Shop Café    

Hunger Therapy    

Janeks Café and Bar    

Mezza Bar   

Raw & Wild    

Stumps Café - Bradman Museum    

The Mill Café


cafe table



Bundanoon —


Ye Olde Bicycle Shoppe



Burrawang General Store 


Exeter —

Exeter General Store   


Mittagong —


Coffee Guru    

Donut King    

Four Seasons    

Glass Café    

HoJo Espresso    

McDonald's Family Restaurant    

Michel's Pattiserie    

Mittagong RSL    

Nasz Stolik    

Shaggy Cow


coffee and computer


Moss Vale —

Café Amoeba    

Il Pranzo Café    

McDonald's Family Restaurant   

Post Office Café    


Robertson —

Moonacres Kitchen   

Robertson Cheese Factory    


Sutton Forest —

Eling Forest Café      

McDonald's Family Restaurant    


Werai —

Farm Club   


Wingello —

Wingello Village Store    


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