8 Fab Benefits of Taking Aqua Wellness Classes at Highlands Hydrotherapy Centre

The Benefits Of Immersing Yourself In Aqua Wellness Classes


So here’s something we’ve found quite interesting.... when we’ve spoken to people about the Aqua Wellness classes we’ve done at the Highlands Hydrotherapy Centre in Bowral, lots of people ask us if it’s easier to exercise in water and is it just for let’s say... more mature locals.

The answer is no.

It is not easier by any means. In fact, we’ve found ourselves huffing and puffing [in a good way!] and really feeling like we’ve got a challenging full body workout.

So, let’s bust some of the misconceptions about aqua fitness and focus on some of the kickarse benefits exercising in water can give us.


1 // You’ll burn some serious calories

We mentioned a full body workout and ooooh yeah... you definitely get one of those. And you can expect to burn, on average, up to 800 calories per 45 minute class. That’s pretty amazing (and means you can squeeze in a Saturday night bottle of wine guilt-free!).


2 // Strengthen your all-important core

Why is having a strong core so important?

“The core work we do with the pool bar trains the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abs to all work together,” says Gerald of Aqua Wellness International.

“This leads to better balance and stability which makes everyday activities such as sitting, walking or whatever you’re doing much easier.”


the fold southern highlands aqua wellness classes benefits


3 // Improved cardiovascular performance

A handy benefit of getting yourself to regular Aqua Wellness classes is an improvement in your cardio health.

“We can really get the heart rate up when we’re working on the Aquabike which is a stationary bike in the water,” says Gerald.

“It’s a great way to build muscle AND improve your cardiovascular system.”

Tick and tick, we say!


4 // Say see ya to cellulite

Apparently, it’s quite common for the women of France to pop onto an Aquabike during their lunch hour to keep cellulite at bay. When you pedal underwater, your lower body is massaged.... these thousands of mini massages help combat cellulite. Makes sense, right? And French women are pretty spectacular looking, so we’ll roll with that!


the fold southern highlands aqua wellness fitness classes bowral

Hyperlink to the Experience This article about Aqua Wellness


5 // Low impact low risk

The water is like a big, warm hug that protects your joints and minimises the risk of injury when exercising. This is great news for any of us that have crunchy knees from netball, dodgy ankles from soccer, lower back issues from swinging a golf club or whatever affliction you’ve ended up with from childhood extra-curricular activities or years of playing your favourite sport.

Aqua Wellness classes takes the weight and pressure off your joints, so it’s perfect for people who have joint issues or struggle with the impact weight has on their joints,” Gerald points out. 


6 // Improved muscle tone

Resistance training with weights in the water will definitely improve your muscle tone.

“Using weights in the water will give you fast results if you’re looking to tone up,” says Gerald.

“We use the resistance of the water to increase the effectiveness of the exercise. When you work out at a gym, your muscles get bigger. When you work out in the water, your muscles become leaner.”


the fold southern highlands aqua wellness classes highlands hydrotherapy centre bowral


7 // No exercise hangover

Ever walked out of a workout or class at a gym and then struggled for a few days after with your exercise hangover – sore muscles, groaning when you stand up, that sort of thing?

Aqua fitness classes tend to be a little bit more relaxing and less aggressive on the joints, so while you’re upping the heart rate and getting a full body workout, you’re not smashing yourself into oblivion and then needing a number of days to recover.

“Traditional land exercise methods often mean training your muscles to exhaustion, which is fine if that’s what you’re after but that’s not our approach,” says Gerald.


8 // Quick and visible results

Everything we’ve mentioned above means you’ll see changes in your physique, muscle tone, cardio health and strength within weeks.

“We work with all our clients to achieve their goals, whether it’s weight loss, toning up, improved overall health or recovering from an injury,” says Gerald.

“Committing to 3–5 classes a week will absolutely give you the results you want. We know it.”


Cool, right? Aqua Wellness International Highlands Hydrotherapy Centre is at 11 Victoria Street in Bowral. It’s a super central location with easy parking! You can book a class or appointment online or head across to their website to find out more about Aqua Rehabilitation, Aqua Fitness classes and Fu Shi Therapy.

You can also read about our Editor’s experience here.

Dive in, Highlanders! Future you will thank you.


the fold southern highlands aqua wellness classes bowral




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