BEHIND THE BIZ // Paul Goldsmith of Highlands Funding

Paul Goldsmith tells us why he’s returned to his regional roots.


There is so much going on in the world of finance, housing, property and the business world at the moment – it’s quite the whirlwind as we all adapt to the impact of what’s happening around us, right? 

Now, an awesome benefit of the Southern Highlands becoming popular with tree changers is that there are some pretty talented people moving here.... bringing their experience and knowledge with them, which they then share with us. Yay!

One of those people is Paul Goldsmith of Highlands Funding. Paul and his young family moved here nearly two years ago and after years in the rural, commercial and residential banking world splitting his time between regional NSW and the city (he’s originally from Wagga Wagga), Paul has gone out on his own and opened Highlands Funding, based at The Mill in Bowral.

We chatted to Paul about how he got here, what Highlands Funding is all about and how he can help us Highlanders sort out our business and home finance.


Highlands Funding Paul Goldsmith


1 // Let’s talk about you first, Paul. You grew up in Wagga Wagga and did your uni degree in Sydney?

Yes, my Dad was a lawyer in Wagga Wagga – he and Mum are still there actually and love visiting us in the Highlands. I grew up there and moved to Sydney to do my degree in Law and Economics. While I was doing my legal studies, I ended up working for the NAB in Wagga. By the time I finished my degree I was really enjoying the financial world and that side of things, working with rural business owners, farmers and producers. I stayed in the finance world for the next 16 years or so, working with banks in places like Young and Griffith with stints in Sydney too. I saw and worked with so many different businesses and industries – I’ve always found commercial banking so interesting.


2 // So why the move to the Southern Highlands?

I’m a country boy at heart and have always wanted to settle in a regional area. The corporate roles I had working in the banking world meant I kept getting dragged back to Sydney. I realised the only way I could make the move to the country permanently was to go out on my own and start my own business.

So my partner and I made the move nearly two years ago. We have a 3-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy, and have settled into the community well thanks to meeting so many nice people - we haven’t looked back.


Highlands Funding financial lending and advice


3 // Tell us more about Highlands Funding and the services you offer to local residents and business owners?

The business itself is a one stop finance brokerage. We help both businesses and individuals manage their finances and cash flow. Yes, we do home loans and mortgages, but we also do a lot of commercial finance, agriculture finance, property finance and commercial lending across numerous industries.

We also help our business clients with cash flow products, invoice finance, trade finance and those elements. It’s tough being a business owner in this sort of climate, with things chopping and changing all the time, so I help set them up with the right sort of products and finance to manage those challenges.


4 // Can you give us an example?

Absolutely. I work with a homegrown fashion brand whose needs are really broad. I helped them buy their commercial premises which acts as their head office, warehouse, manufacturing and distribution centre. I’ve also helped them with asset finance which is funding machinery  to produce their goods, buy vehicles to distribute their products, and we’ve also worked on cash flow solutions around overdrafts to make sure they’ve got suitable cash flow in their business – one of the biggest challenges of running a business is cash flow! They are a fast-growing business so making sure they’ve got lines of credit so they can continue to grow at the pace they need to is really important.


Money Finance Loans Highlands Funding Southern Highlands


5 // Ah flow! Tell us more about how you help local businesses and start-ups with that.

Access for funding a business should definitely be easier. Sometimes business owners have trouble financing a personal loan or find it difficult getting a home loan because they own a business. In the past there have been a lot of hoops to jump through. Now, there are lots more products out there, so I help people with that.

I’ve also worked with start-ups and businesses who don’t have big balance sheets or a huge amount of assets and help them secure lending and funding so they can grow, and grow quickly.

Really, Highlands Funding is about making sure local families and businesses have the opportunity to execute their financial growth, whether it be personal finance or commercial help.


Highlands Funding mortgage broker business banking bowral nsw


6 // And how’s the tree change working out for the Goldsmith family? Has it been a good move?

It was absolutely the right move for us. There’s a lot to love. On a personal front, we’ve met some wonderful people. We feel that we’re part of a community here and have like-minded families and friends that we’ve met here to thank for that.

As for doing business in the country..... I’ve worked in both city and country environments, and I know what my preference is. It’s very transactional in the city, but here it’s very relaxed. You get to know the people you work with and they become friends, or vice versa. It’s a much more enjoyable and authentic way to live and work.



Thanks Paul! We agree! Now, if you’re searching for local business, family or individual finance guidance, give Paul a call on 1300 207 881 or find out more info here.


Highlands Funding Paul Goldsmith business lending and funding bowral nsw


Based in the Southern Highlands, Highlands Funding provides clients with suitable and cost-effective financial solutions to suit all sorts of lifestyle requirements. If you’re a property investor, home buyer or own your own business, Paul and the Highlands Funding team will take the time to understand your situation, arrange and manage your business and home finance and optimise your financial situation. Paul is super experienced in the world of regional banking, agribusiness, small business and personal finances. Find out more info about Highlands Funding here.



Money Finance Loans Highlands Funding Southern Highlands




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