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Meet Angela Rodgers, owner of Berrima’s Natural Australia


Walking into Berrima’s Natural Australia is like walking into a big, warm hug! Think beautifully curated shelves of the snuggliest jumpers, jackets and cardigans and racks of the softest silks, cottons and linens. Angela sells the finest men’s and women’s natural fibre clothing from Australia, New Zealand and overseas, and it’s very hard to not keep touching alllll the things in her gorgeous shop.

We caught up with Angela to find out more about this popular local business that has been operating in the gorgeous village of Berrima for over 25 years!


The Fold Southern Highlands Berrimas Natural Australia Angela


1 // So, let’s start with you, Angela! How did you end up opening your own business in the Highlands? Is it something you always wanted to do, or fell [happily] into?

My parents started the shop in 1995. They were recently retired from a large sheep station in south west Queensland. I joined them the following year, in 1996. Wool runs deep in our veins and it was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the beautiful merino garments to locals and tourists.


2 // What sort of products do you sell? And what’s your bestseller?

My main target has always been Australian merino. However, I have branched out to include possum/merino from New Zealand, and cashmere from Italy. Summer includes lots of cottons and linens and more recently, modal (which is made from timber). The possum/merino ranges are big sellers during our chilly winters. They’re perfect for keeping warm in the Highlands!


The Fold Southern Highlands Berrimas Natural Australia Merino clothing and accessories


3 // What makes the customer experience so unique at Berrima’s Natural Australia?

Customers will always be looked after with smiles and a chat. All our staff know the stock so well and can help with anything. If customers would rather just look around, staff are sensitive to not interfering but we’re always ready to help and guide you if you need us.


4 // Tell us what you love love love about your business and why you enjoy the world of retail so much?

I am very proud to be selling only the best quality goods that will give the buyer huge joy for years. Retail is wonderful as it really puts you in touch with the world out there, meeting and talking to people from all over the place, although this past year hasn’t had quite the diversity!!


The Fold Southern Highlands Berrimas Natural Australia Merino Clothing and Blankets


5 // What’s your favourite item in store right now? Have you bought one for yourself??

My favourite right now has to be a roll neck cashmere jumper. Yes, I have bought two!


6 // What do you love about living and working in the Highlands?

Working in Berrima is just a dream. It’s a village and all the locals and business owners know everyone else and look out for each other. I live at Joadja which is very isolated and peaceful.  So I have a wonderful life in the Highlands and really don’t want to go anywhere else. Why would I?


Berrima's Natural Australia sells the finest Australian, New Zealand and international men's and women's natural fibre clothing. You'll find shelves and racks of beautiful jackets, jumpers, cardigans and knitwear in a variety of fibres including merino wool, possum, cotton, silk and cashmere in this stunning store. You'll also find super cosy blankets and accessories as well as fabulous pairs of jeans. Absolutely worth a visit all year round, we say! 


The Fold Southern Highlands Berrimas Natural Australia Shop Highlands




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