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Meet Eric Guilly, owner of Beaumont Air and Electrical Southern Highlands.


How do you go from being the CEO of an HVAC (Heating, Ventilaton, Air Conditioning) business in Sydney to running an airconditioning, heating and electrical business in the Southern Highlands? 

“It was all about the kids for us,” says owner of Beaumont Air and Electrical, Eric Guilly.

“We wanted to raise our three boys in the country, so a few years ago we started making some business moves that would allow us to do that. It took a bit longer than expected but it's all worked out well and we've had a really smooth transition to life in the Highlands.”

Very cool – sorry, first and last cooling and/or heating pun, we promise!

Let’s hear more about Eric, his family’s tree change and what Beaumont Air and Electrical are doing in the Southern Highlands.


Beaumont Air Eric and Amberley


1 // So, let’s start by telling us about those business moves you made and how that led you to the Highlands.

I was CEO of an HVAC business in Sydney that was under-performing and not making money when I first started. I worked hard over the following three years to improve the business to the point that it did make money and the owner, who was in his seventies, could sell it and retire. I was at a bit of a loose end after that so decided to use those skills for my own benefit and we bought two companies in the Southern Highlands – Gaff Air and FYS Air – which I then combined to create Beaumont Air and Electrical.


2 // What role do you play in the business and how many employees are in the Beaumont Air and Electrical team?

A lot of what I do is making sure the team is supported with the right processes and procedures to provide the best customer service and technical support they can. When we get extremely busy, I’ll help them out with estimates and sales, but I focus on the overall management side of the business.

Something that is really important is getting the right technicians. How we engage with our customers – what we do and how we go about it – is very important. 75% of our business is from the existing client base and the team of ten technicians we have on board is a big part of that.

My wife, Amberley helps out with the business too. Her background is actually in television, so she was able to manage some of the creative elements including the re-brand when we became Beaumont Air and Electrical. 


3 // What services and support does Beaumont Air and Electrical offer to locals?

There are two arms to the business. Commercial and residential.

We do commercial installation of light industrial machines, ventilation, heating and cooling systems from air conditioning units to large scale VRF systems (that stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow for those playing along at home!!).

From a residential point of view, we install heating and cooling systems and offer service, repair and maintenance services. We are working on a lot of renovations and new builds in the Highlands at the moment – we’re always the last trade called in, so because the boom started last year, we’re pretty busy at the moment!

We also offer electrical services too and service Wollongong and Canberra as well as the Southern Highlands.


Commercial and Residential Heating and Cooling Solutions


4 // So what are customers asking for at the moment?

Environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions are important to customers. They know air conditioning split-systems can have a big impact on the environment (and their bills) so solar options are popular with customers, and we work closely with a local solar provider to help them with that. I find the environmental impact of the system is what they begin their conversation with, followed by price and affordability.

We also provide a lot of guidance around what system (and installation solution) is going to be best for their existing home or current build. We are always thinking about what is going to look best. We come up with creative, spatial solutions that don’t impact the aesthetic of the home.

Another trend is Wi-Fi capability – this is especially good for our clients who own Airbnb style properties. Quite often, they’ll have guests who leave the property once the rental period is done but they’ve left the air conditioning or heating on. We can set up a Wi-Fi adaptor on the system that allows the owner to turn the air con off as soon as their guests leave the building. This saves them lots of money.


Ventilation and Refrigeration Services


5 // So has the move to the Highlands been everything you and Amberley expected it to be?

It’s better than what we expected. We’re renting on a 100-acre property in Exeter, so the boys have plenty of space to run around and have adventures. Transitioning them to a new school has been huge but definitely much smoother than we anticipated.

Living and working in the same area is fantastic. We love being part of the community - the boys are playing rugby locally, we’re loving becoming involved in the school, sporting community, the building and trades community.

For a few years there, I was running the business in the Highlands but living in Sydney, so a number of people have said to us, “It’s great to see you’re finally down here permanently.” And we always answer, “We wish we’d moved here sooner!”.


Beaumont Air and Electrical specialise in the service, maintenance and installation of commercial and residential air conditioning, heating, ventilation, refrigeration systems and all electrical needs. The team focus on creative solutions, quality outcomes, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service experiences and new technology. Find out more information about this awesome local business here.



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