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October 20, 2020
Op Shops And Second-Hand Stores In The Southern Highlands

Where to find vintage fashion, pre-loved furniture, bargains, treasure and more!   There is nothing we love more than going treasure hunting at our local op shops and second-hand stores. The fact that it is such a sustainable way to shop makes it even more of a Fold fave! Here’s a list of where to find pre-loved...

October 16, 2020
9 Awesome Spots To Get A G&T In The Southern Highlands

Where to head for a refreshing G&T (or three!)   One of the best things about the warmer weather is partaking in a refreshing tipple or two, don’t you think? And we love a tasty G&T after work, before a meal, on a weekend, on a weekday.....on a day ending in Y.....you know how it goes.  And because we’ve been...

October 15, 2020
The Southern Highlands Tree Change That Turned Into A Flower Farm

How Jen Foster of Penrose ended up as a flower farmer! Inspiring Stories, kindly brought to you by BDCU Alliance Bank. You Belong Here.   You know its going to be an interesting interview and photo shoot when you have to pull on your gumboots and get swooped by a murderous magpie within minutes of stepping ou...

October 13, 2020
What It’s REALLY Like To Do An F45 Challenge

Our Editor’s Firsthand Experience Of Taking On The F45 Bowral Challenge (and dropping 6 kilos!)   It started with a photo. Taken at a long lunch with the girls, celebrating a birthday or a Friday – who knows? I looked at it the day after (zooming in, as you do) and didn’t recognise myself. I was puffy, my clothe...

October 01, 2020
October Small Business Month Events in the Highlands

Small Business Month Events are happening throughout October in the Southern Highlands. If you are a small business owner, then best you check out the following key events which will focus on economic recovery for our local region. Thanks goes to the Southern Highlands Key Stakeholders Group who have been instrumental...

September 30, 2020
5 Things Small Businesses Need To Consider When Marketing Their Business

Marketing is essential for small businesses and can help you find, reach and connect with your ideal customer. But marketing feels harder than ever with so many different channels to reach people (hello Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, business directories, signage... shall we go on?!). It's tough out there, isn't i...

September 24, 2020
MEET THE AUTHOR // Pam Slattery

The Story Behind Cobber, A Beautiful Children's Picture Book.   It started as an idea in the back of artist and illustrator Pam Slattery’s mind when she lived on the fringes of the rainforest in North Queensland 30 years ago. The concept sat quietly until Pam moved to Sydney and she put pen to paper in 2005 to b...

September 23, 2020
BEHIND THE BIZ // Birch Store

The Story Behind This Stunning New Addition To Moss Vale’s Fab Food & Retail Scene   At the beginning of 2020, Renee and Glenn Wallace – the powerhouse husband and wife team behind Birch Restaurant – had some grand plans in place to kick some serious goals. We’re talking a colour-coded calendar, people. THAT’S h...

September 22, 2020
In The Kitchen With Nathan West// BOOZY BURGERS AT EDEN BREWERY

Beers, burgers and working with your mates.... Nathan West is livin’ the dream!   “I’ve had a few of my chef mates in Sydney say to me, can we come and work for you in the Southern Highlands?” laughs Nathan West, the well-known local chef behind Boozy Burgers, the Highlands’ newest food truck. “I get it! I’v...

September 21, 2020
BEHIND THE BIZ // Superb Design

Meet Carol and Andre, the creative minds behind this iconic Mittagong business.   Beyond the beautifully styled windows of Superb Design on Main Street in Mittagong is an array of colourful fabrics, comfy cushions, gorgeous textures, stunning furniture, stylish homewares, gifts and fashion! Yep, there’s more ...

September 18, 2020
All The Awesome Things You Can See And Experience On A Chevalier College Family Safe Personal Tour

Explore 100 acres of school grounds, chat to staff and experience everything Chev has to offer.   It’s not easy running a school, teaching in a school or being a student in a school at the moment, but the Chevalier College community has been getting on with it with good humour, positivity, resilience and some sa...

September 17, 2020
RIDES OF THE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS // The Bowral, Glenquarry and Kangaloon Loop

A picturesque ride through quiet villages and country roads.   There’s no shortage of stunning road rides in the Southern Highlands, but this one has got to be one of the most picturesque. You know it’s good when the guys from The Fixed Wheel in Bowral rank it as one of their favourites. Just under 44 kilomet...

September 17, 2020
Check Out This Grant For Local Highlands Businesses + Discover Small Business Month Events
Check Out This Grant For Local Highlands Businesses + Discover Small Business Month Events

We wanted to help spread the word to Highlands businesses about this! Have a read about the BizRebuild Scheme. If it's relevant to your business, the grant could be extremely helpful. Here's what we know... ...

September 16, 2020
HEALTH AND WELLBEING // Coping Strategies and Study Tips for Teens in a Global Pandemic
HEALTH AND WELLBEING // Coping Strategies and Study Tips for Teens in a Global Pandemic

Awesome tips for our teens from Highlands therapist, Meeghan Bourne.   It’s a tumultuous time for our teenagers and tweens, living through major school milestones i...