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Calmbirth® is a highly acclaimed and trusted childbirth education program embracing the connection between the mind-body, family and learning how to accept and work with the wonders and challenges of childbirth. 

The Calmbirth® educational program teaches you to embrace birth as a natural part of life and not fear it, and stay connected by working together as a family. Calmbirth® believes that then not only will unnecessary intervention rates be reduced but the way we experience and talk about birth will be far more positive and empowering for future generations of families.

The nation-wide program is run from the Southern Highlands Calmbirth® Centre in Mittagong. Join the two-day course to focus on eachother and together, prepare for the birth of your baby.

Are you pregnant? 

How are you feeling about giving birth?

Do you feel emotionally, mentally and physically prepared for your birth? 

Does your partner know how to support you? 

Do you want to make informed decisions with your caregivers about birth choices?

Having a baby is the most precious moment in a couples life and it should be treated with respect, honesty and a sense of security. Calmbirth® seeks to change the current birth culture to one that is talked about and experienced with positivity, with less medical interventions and be approached with confidence and fearlessness. 

Calmbirth Education Program

The Calmbirth Program

The Psychology of Birth

The first part of the program is where you and your partner &/or support person learns all about the importance of a woman’s emotional state leading up to, during and after birth. This is an essential component of the Calmbirth Program, as the emotional state of a woman on the day of giving birth, not only affects her perceptions and experience of birth but directly impacts on the way her body responds to birth. It’s not enough for women and babies to be physically safe but they must also feel emotionally safe.

You will learn
  • The importance of belief systems and how they interact with birth.
  • How to re-frame any negative beliefs about birth and enhance those that positively work with birth.
  • How the emotional state of a woman impacts the way her body works and how her body will protect her emotional state when she allows it.
  • Some simple yet powerful tools you can use to “keep your headspace” on the day to enhance your confidence to work with birth and not against it.
  • Explore in-depth the role that your partner and support person plays in protecting your emotional environment and safety on the day.
  • To be informed and be empowered by your birth choices/preferences.
Understanding the Physiology of Birth

This part of the Calmbirth program is all about how your body works with birth, and how you then work with your body.

Would you not agree that in order to help your headspace on the day, it’s important to feel confident in how your body gives birth?

You will learn
  • What the uterus is all about. How it will be working for you and your baby during labour and birth.
  • The stages of labour. You will be shown how to navigate and work with each phase of labour and birth physically and emotionally.
  • Prepare for the unexpected. What happens when things move to plan B or C? How to apply all the Calmbirth tools and teachings to any birth journey as it unfolds, including: inductions of labour and caesarians.
  • Exploring once again the role of the partner in protecting the physical and emotional environment during labour and birth.
  • A comprehensive toolkit for both of you to work with labour and birth including tools for your headspace, comfort, positioning, acupressure techniques and even logistics.
Conscious Parenting

This part of the Calmbirth program is all about connecting you as a family and the importance of that bonding process before birth, so that you and you partner are on the same page entering into birth and beyond into parenthood.

You will learn
  • The importance of skin to skin after birth for bonding and breast feeding between mother and baby: and bonding between partner and baby.
  • What to expect in the first couple of days and resources to tap into to gain more information on setting realistic expectations for this time
  • The importance of conscious, or mindful parenting and how important it is to start the bonding process with your baby in pregnancy and how this continues once your baby is born.
  • How to connect as a couple to parent this child and others as a strong team.

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Calmbirth Classes in Mittagong

Calmbirth Classes in Mittagong

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Join the highly acclaimed and trusted 2 day Calmbirth® course and learn to embrace birth as a natural part of life and not fear it, stay connected with your partner by working together, and approach childbirth confidently and with a sense of security

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