The Fold Southern Highlands FAQ's.

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How does the "Sign me in automatically" work?

The "Sign me in automatically" is optional, it saves your username and password on your computer and every time you access the page you will be automatically logged in.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, please click on the 'Forgot your Password?' link of the front of the website or on the sponsor login page. The password recovery email will be sent to the email address provided from your Contact Information. The email will contain a link which will redirect the user to the 'Manage Account' section, where the password can be updated.

How can I change my password?

After you are logged in, click on 'Account Settings' link, you will see the "Current Password" field, type your current password in this field and your new password on the fields "Password" and "Retype Password", then hit the submit button.

Am I required to have an account to add items to the site?

Yes. In order to add any item, including Free items, to the directory you must have an account.

How can I sign up for an account?

To sign up as a sponsor go to the 'Advertise With Us' link at top menu, select an item and level and click in 'SIGN UP' button. Fill out all fields, write down your username and password for future reference, choose the best payment gateway for you and follow the steps to finish the process. To sign up as a visitor go to 'Sign up | Login' link at top menu, fill out all fields and click in 'Create Account'.

Why am I receiving an 'Account Locked' message?

If you attempt to access your account and type in an incorrect password 5 times the account will lock for 1 hour. This is for security reasons.

What is The Fold?

The Fold is a guide to living in our visiting The Southern Highlands. Information can be easily accessed at any time on our website and mobile app and will keep you up to date with the latest events on and around the area and provides inspiration for places to explore, eat, drink, play and shop. The Fold is also the most comprehensive, purely locally-focused business directory so that you can find and support a local business.

How do I download The Fold app?

Depending on what device you own, you can download the app via the Apple Store (for Apple devices) or via the Android Market (for all other devices). Search using the keywords The Fold Southern Highlands to locate the app.

I am having difficulty downloading the app. What should I do?

Firstly we would recommend you get in touch with the store you are downloading the app from - so Apple Store or Google Play. They will be able to tell you if there is anything wrong with your account with them. Following that, if your query remains unresolved, get in touch with us at [email protected] for assistance.

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