Editorial policy for The Fold Southern Highlands.

Editorial Policy


The Fold Southern Highlands seeks to provide useful and valuable information to locals, about life in the Southern Highlands.

This includes producing and sharing content about what's on in the area, places to go and things to do, matters of local interest, our local environment, businesses and people. All the good stuff!

Our editorial focus is on sharing positive news stories (we love good vibes!), unbiased opinions on matters that will help locals better understand important matters in their local area, inspire locals to get out and about to enjoy their area, and to inform them of local businesses and resources.

We place a strong value on our Editorial Policy and strive for the highest publishing standards. Please review our policy below, and you are welcome to get in touch with our General Manager directly, via email, should you wish to discuss.


1.0    Purpose
1.1    The Fold Media’s Editorial Policy has been created to ensure the digital services provided by The Fold Media follow best editorial practice. The aim is to create and share information that is factual, accurate, concise, consistent, unbiased, and relevant to the audience.
1.2    This policy applies to writers employed by The Fold Media and any other contributor under contractual obligation to provide written copy. These guidelines will appear on the website to be viewed at any time.
1.3    All content published on The Fold Media websites, social media platforms and direct marketing emails will be written and assessed according to these guidelines.


2.0    Relevancy
2.1    The overall content will be a balance of public interest, lifestyle, health, fashion, and local business information. This balance will be carefully monitored by the Regional Manager to ensure quality and relevance to the audience.
2.2    Article topics will be checked with the Regional Manager for approval to maintain the integrity of database content. Article content will feature local businesses, residents and places of the Southern Highlands that will impact local residents.
2.3    Where possible, images used on digital media will be sourced locally. Any images sourced outside of the area will resemble local people and/or places and not subject to copyright laws.


3.0    Accuracy
3.1    All content will be fair, unbiased, and factual. Articles will be well-researched, fact-checked, proof-read, without bias or prejudice. They will be written in conversational tone, clear, and with attention to maximizing readability on digital platforms.
3.2    All articles will be proof-read by the Editor, to ensure fairness, accuracy, and allow correction of errors before publication.
3.3    Every reasonable effort will be made to avoid negativity toward any business, person or official that could cause injury or distress. Matters of public interest may include information perceived as negative toward a local entity, though attention will be made to ensure the information is factual, unbiased and integral to the issue.
3.4    Articles written about, or for local businesses be clearly identified as such at the end of the article. Articles of this nature will not include bias or untruthful claims. The Fold Southern Highlands will ensure all claims made, facts and details relating to an advertising client are true and correct.
3.5    If a member of the audience has any concerns over content accuracy, the Complaints Handling Policy
contains details on how to lodge a concern.


4.0    Sensitivity
4.1    Articles containing sensitive information will be handled with respect to privacy of persons involved, while maintaining a fair and accurate report of circumstances. In the case of reporting injury or death, respect will also be given to the grief individuals may be experiencing.