Complaints handling policy for The Fold Southern Highlands.

Complaints Handling Policy


In the instance you have a complaint or concern, please review our Complaints Handling Policy and follow the steps outlined below to lodge your concern or complain. Please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below.


1.0    Purpose
1.1    The policy provides information for raising a complaint regarding content provided by The Fold Media and outlines the process in which The Fold Media will endeavor to respond.
1.2    This policy will reside on The Fold Media website for public access.


2.0    Submitting a complaint
2.1    Any complaint regarding content viewed on any of The Fold Media’s platforms needs to be submitted in writing to [email protected] Any urgent concerns can be submitted by telephone to 1300 968 104 for expediency with a follow up email to be sent after the conversation has taken place.
2.2    Complaints may be raised for inaccuracy, lack of impartiality, misleading information or any concern that affects a member of the audience. Further clarification on editorial guidelines can be found in The Fold Media’s Editorial Policy.
2.3    The complaint needs to contain specific information, including article title or post subject, platform where it was viewed, date published or date viewed, the reason for concern and contact details for reply.
2.4    Complaints must be submitted within 14 days of the date the item was viewed.


3.0    Processing a complaint
3.1    The Fold Media will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 24 hours of receipt.
3.2    Depending on the nature of the complaint, the issue will be addressed in 48 hours within the power of The Fold Media to do so. Corrections or resolutions will be notified by email. Some resolutions may be communicated by phone followed by email, at the discretion of The Fold Media.
3.3    If the resolution or correction is found to be dissatisfactory, the complaint may be escalated to the Australian Press Council.
3.4    For issues of a legal nature, The Fold Media will seek advice from a legal professional.